Welcome to Betina / Dobro došli u Betinu


Betina is a small village on the island of Murter and has about 800 habitants. The island is located in the middle of the Dalmatian coast between Sibenik and Zadar, and is connected to the mainland via a bridge which is lifted twice a day so that bigger boats can pass through the canal of Tisno. On the island are the villages Tisno, Betina, Murter and Jezera. History says that Murter used to be a city of gold, “Colentum”, but unfortunately, the city sank to the bottom of the sea.

Today, almost every inhabitant is employed in naval architecture, and many families rent their apartments to tourists during the summer months to earn enough to get through the year. On the island, as well as in the surrounding area, there are many different things to do,  like sightseeing and visiting monuments and national parks, which are worth a day trip.

We hope that our site can awaken your interest and give you a little overview of the island and the nature of Croatia.

Now then, welcome in Croatia: "Dobro došli" !